Since its founding in 1897, the Lynn Museum and Historical Society has collected artifacts along with some of the accompanying narratives, photographs, and records of use, manufacture, or ownership. Thanks to this collecting practice and documentation, the objects in the collection resonate with meaning. Many of Lynn Museum and Historical Society’s collections provide entry points into history, recounting tales of childhood and family, describing lives of poverty and affluence, and telling stories of factory workers, immigrants, entrepreneurs and artists, of men and women, young and old.

The Lynn Museum and Historical Society has an exceptional collection that has developed over the past century. The vast collection illuminates the stories of all Lynn residents past and present, and captures the changing lives of those in the city.

The Museum collection is comprised of fine art works from American Impressionist painters and Lynn Beach Painters, contemporary art of local artists, folk art, and artifacts of immigrant residents making the scope and the history of the collection far reaching. The textile collection is extensive and includes table linens, wall coverings, dresses, hats, and most notably samplers. The history of the city is highlighted in our artifact collection of objects that represent not only the history of Lynn but also showcases the integral role that the shoe industry played in shaping society.

The Lynn Museum collection reflects great diversity and includes more than 17,000 objects that date from its earliest settlers to the present day. It is our goal to use these vibrant collections as a basis for new, exciting and engaging exhibitions and programming that will spotlight our permanent collection while telling the story and history of the city we love, your city, Lynn.