When I decided to look at Asheville apartments for rent, I was mainly doing it on a whim. I was already living in an apartment with two other women, but I have dreamed of having my own place for a while now. It is not that we don’t get along, because we do. I just really don’t like that there is not much privacy at all. I didn’t think that I would be able to afford an apartment on my own, but then I found Parkway Crossing apartments. I was really happy with what I found on their website.

Everything I could possibly know was there. I was able to find out the location, the prices, the floor plans, the amenities found in the apartment as well as in the complex, pictures of everything, and much more. I looked at the prices first, and I was surprised that it was not more money. I was just basing it off what I was paying when costs were split three ways, but we also had to pay a really high price for parking as well as additional fees because both of my roommates each had a dog.

Since I do not have dogs and don’t need a private garage space for my car, I saw that I actually would be able to afford to live on my own. I knew that I wanted to do that at Parkway Crossing, and I had to have the difficult talk with my roomies letting them know I was leaving. They took it well, and I was able to move into my new apartment in the same month. I absolutely love it here. I feel so much freedom that I have never felt before, and I know that the next time I have a roommate it will be because I have married someone!