I have just started on my new job this week and so far it is not going that well, but of course I am not doing too much yet. They are teaching me how to be a stock boy down at the dollar store and of course there is a little bit to learn. You have to to figure out where to to put the coq 10 co enzymes and that sort of thing. Of course there must be a hundred thousand things that you have to keep track of and you have this little hand held gadget that you use to scan stuff with and of course the computer does a lot of the thinking. I just have to figure out when it is right and when it is not. Of course the system is going to have a lot of bugs in it and you can not just act like every little thing is always going to be peaches and cream.

A lot of the time you look at the output on the gadget and what you get is a lot of rubbish. So you have to make sure that you get the right numbers in or at least the best numbers that you can. Of course if you are crooked with this thing you could probably use it to swipe stuff from the store. Obviously you scan it and they are going to get a price off of the bar code, but you can change that if you are really trying to be clever. Apparently some guys have done it before. Then change the price of something from 10 dollars to 3 dollars or something like that and try to sneak it past the guy at the counter. Of course you need an inside man if you want that to work.