My husband and I moved out to an area outside of the city a couple of years ago so that we could be closer to his family. It is located in the mountains where there are winding roads and steep drop offs, so cable companies have not been super interested in offering service out here. This is a shame because so many people out here where we live would love to have the service. My hubby misses watching football, so when I learned that one of the satellite providers has something called the NFL Sunday ticket as an offering, I took notice and quickly ordered satellite for our home.

I did not tell my husband that we were getting service at our place. I wanted it to be a surprise. I was pleased to see that they have Saturday installations, so I set up an appointment for last Saturday. I hoped that everything would go smoothly and it did. Because we did not have cable service previously, my husband does not often turn on the TV, instead opting for radio shows over local network programming. This meant that I would be able to hide my secret for another day easily.

On Sunday morning, I got up early and started making a lot of football themed appetizers. He asked me why, and I just said that I was doing it for the fun of it. At 5 PM, two of his buddies showed up, which surprised him. I then switched on the TV and quickly moved to a channel where a game was just starting. My husband loved it! I then brought out all the football-themed appetizers and some cans of beer for the guys. I heard them laughing and talking for hours while the game was playing. After everyone went home, my husband thanked me for the big surprise!